The Beauty of Freshwater Mud

When you hear words ‘fresh’ and ‘mud’ in one sentence – you instantly feel a really strong contrast which results in mixed emotions of one being pure and clean, but the other – totally opposite: dirty and nasty. If the topic involves your skin, freshness would feel more appealing but you can’t deny the playful feeling that mud brings… It almost feels like something that you would get scolded for by your parents if you touched it during your childhood. We are here to put these mixed feelings on the right shelf as we’re about to uncover ‘the real beauty of our mud’.

We live in a century where the balance between pure nature and scientific progress is very chaotic. When it comes to beauty and health – we believe that nature is the right answer. It’s most definitely because the roots of “For Two” skin care products come from one of the greenest countries in the world – Latvia. It holds this title for a good reason – 56% of the land consists of pure forests and when it comes to lakes, there are more than 2000 of them that are bigger than 2.5 acres, so it’s pretty obvious that you could hide a few schools meant for wizards in those forests (lol).

On our journey to find the most precious ingredient that our nature holds, we discovered something very unique found in our lakes that in 15 year period of extraction and research people started to call ‘the national gold’. You guessed it – that is mud.

So why is it so special, you ask? The answer is pretty simple if one uses common terms to describe it… Think of it as a time capsule on the bottom of a lake that collects everything valuable found in its surroundings. Nature in Latvia is pure and untouched, combined with the unique climate that has a very strong impact on this process – a substance that holds an immense amount of minerals, amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and many more precious wonders is born.

Our products are called “For Two” for a good reason. The combination of these words brings your imagination to life but the most important message we wanted to share with you is that there are always two things or two people that complement each other in the most unique ways. That is why we made sure your skin and our mud would make each other complete – be you a male or a female. In the end it’s all about love, care, health and sharing the best that comes straight from our nature.

We do not want to complicate things and make ourselves sound smart – we want your skin to do the talking on our behalf. Once you give our mud a chance, we believe you will see your skin in colors you’ve never seen before – and that is a wonderful feeling that we call ‘the beauty of our mud’.


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