If one gets to know our brand the most commonly used keyword in our communication is definitely ‘MUD’ and that is actually where it all started. We live in a country called Latvia which is considered one of the greenest countries in the world. It holds this title for a really good reason – more than 50% of our country’s territory is covered in forests which are pure and unpolluted. Latvia is also known for having an impressive amount of rivers and lakes.

Living in a country where nature plays such a huge role – lead to many people devoting their lives to professions closely connected to geology, ecology, agriculture etc.

A really special substance had been found on the bottom of Latvian lakes decades ago but a concentrated research on it began 15 years ago and in time this substance earned itself a nickname ‘Black gold’ – but its’ scientific term is known as ‘sapropel’. It was commonly used by people in Latvia because it truly is unique to our present climate in Latvia. One might think that it only takes a lake to get a hold of sapropel but the truth is – there is no other place you can get it from other than our lands for its’ biological composition to be as rich as it is in ours. It had been forming on the bottom of Latvian lakes in an airless state for more than 10 000 years while collecting substances from every living thing in its’ surroundings.

Luckily we were one of the people in Latvia that spent our childhood by the lake so naturally we knew what freshwater mud was from a very young age thanks to our parents and people around us. We knew about the magical properties of mud as we have witnessed people succeeding in curing diseases that were considered incurable by using freshwater mud. It had proven to be especially effective and helpful for people suffering from psoriasis, fungus and allergies and the list goes on and on.

Before we began the extraction of mud, we went through a very complex procedure of finding a lake that holds only the highest quality mud. This process includes thorough chemical analysis, area’s historical research and finally biological composition analysis of the mud itself. We are proud to say that our lakes have produced phenomenal results so we can’t wait for people to try our products and see all the benefits with their own eyes!

When we knew we had a really valuable product on our hands – our goal was to share it in a way that would appeal for both men and women because in our perspective – health is the most important thing for a human being regardless ones’ gender. That is why we put a great amount of effort in developing packaging that both genders would find attractive. And it also goes without saying that it was an absolute ‘must’ for us to include mud in every product’s formula that we produce as it is the most important aspect that makes us so unique!
Mud extraction also gives new life to overgrown lakes, so we’re also proud that by doing that we are improving earth’s ecology.